I predict the following for The Following:

  • The fact that Emma is turning out to be exactly like her mother by boning all the guys ever will be her downfall
  • Roderick is getting pouty because now that Joe’s around, he isn’t the most important crazy man in the house
  • Jacob will switch sides because Emma has betrayed him for the last time plus he’s still a killing virgin
  • Killing your most talented hacker man because he was a bad puppy is really stupid, even if he asked for it
  • Poor Gay Paul is dead
  • His death causes Jacob to realize Paul was his true love and he wants revenge on Emma for toying with them both – he may decide she must be his first kill
  • Mike and Ryan will open a ranch together when this is all done
  • I will laugh when the icy blonde is taken out by a bookshelf or something
  • Needs more MMF shower sex scenes

That is all.

4 thoughts on “prediction

  1. Well, I spelled “to” wrong up there, so clearly I’m not operating a optimum mental speed.

    I am, however, enjoying The Following a little too much. Every Sunday I shoo Kate from the living room, make myself a Verismo decaf latte and settle in to enjoy my Hour Of Murder.

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