bad timing

Most of the time I’m able to escape whatever horrible ailments befall Ed, but not this time – I’m sick. He had a terrible cold that kicked his ass all last week, and yesterday, I caught it. My throat is on fire, my head is swimming, I’m sore all over, and there is congestion where there ought not to be congestion – I’m sick and I’m miserable about it: not so much because I have a cold, but because this is likely the SINGLE WORST DAY IN THE HISTORY OF DAYS to be unable to leave the house. By being Patient Zero, I am missing out on the following things going on in Vancouver today:

  • Record Store Day – all of these local stores are participating, and I wanted to check it out
  • Vancouver FanExpo is happening downtown at the Convention Centre, and as a well-rounded nerd into all things nerdy, I should be with my people (except without being all awkward)
  • Make It Vancouver is at the Croatian Cultural Centre – it’s one of two major local handmade craft shows (Got Craft? being the other), and I wanted to go play
  • It’s gorgeous outside – perfect for wandering around through various festivals and events
  • It’s April 20th – the annual 420 celebration is at the VAG this afternoon, and it’s always an amusing contact high/picture taking time
  • I have a Groupon for my favourite boat rental place in West Vancouver that expires in two days, and this weekend was my last chance to use it
  • Lori is leaving Vancouver and having a goodbye/buy our crap drop-in today, and I want to say bye :(
  • It’s the last two days of a big sale at Sephora, and I wanted to stock up on a few things
  • Re-Fashion Vancouver is today only in Yaletown

There are other things I’m probably forgetting, but I wanted to do so many things this weekend .. and instead, I’m a mess. A sad, unwashed, highly contagious, cranky mess.


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