coast clear

Ed’s appointment with the doctor was almost anti-climatic: they found nothing. The doctor theorized that Ed’s body was fighting off a Mega Infection by being a bit of a dick, so reinforcements in the form of antibiotics ought to turn the tide of war in his favour. Ed was given a prescription and sent on his way, and that’s that. He should be feeling better by Saturday, and if he’s not .. well, we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it, but all the results from his blood test and germy swabs came back on the excellent side of normal (show off) which is better than we were hoping for (we had already self-diagnosed a stage 8 case of golf herpe aids).

Thank you all for the comments and emails and texts – they definitely helped me calm down. Last night I was even able to sleep, and food is remaining in my body. I may even start planning our trip to San Francisco again, as we’ve both been remarkably apathetic about the entire thing.

Real life is scary.

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