I’ve always wanted to be ambidextrous. In addition to winning bar bets at all the bars I’d inevitably go to if I were ambidextrous, I’d be able to fulfill my ONE TRUE DREAM:

Painting the nails on my right hand.

Right now, I’m rocking an amazing manicure on my left hand only. I bribed myself with a Julep subscription in an attempt to keep from biting my nails, and so far it seems to be working: I get shiny new colours once a month or so, and I’ve yet to fall back into my disgusting (yet comforting) habits. My left hand is delightfully fall-coloured (mono polish is for amateurs), but my right is stark and naked because I am tragically bad at left. It looks a little funny (and is so tempting to gnaw on), but I’m okay with that and also stop staring at my hand you jerk.

I desperately want new nerd toys, but I don’t really need anything. I’m going in circles trying to justify ridiculous purchases to myself, and it’s not working. I am sad and also can’t run a bunch of games I want to play WHAT’S UP WITH THAT.

My first world problems are particularly ridiculous today.

.. but they still count as an update!

dancing girls dance for you

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