random sunday

  • Ed and I are the Kings of Errands. Yesterday we crossed 9 things off our list, and now we have groceries and cat litter and scooter insurance and a myriad of other things that were desperately needed. It was exhausting and expensive, but we are feeling pretty pleased with ourselves.
  • In two weeks, I am getting my very own storage unit and I am excited as hell. I can’t decide if that makes me weird or old. One of the errands we ran yesterday was to pick up boxes so I can pack up some of my stuff!
  • You wouldn’t think that something called “Cinnamon Cream Cheese Coffee Cake” would be horrible, but that is the sad, disappointing reality. It sounds amazing, doesn’t it? I assumed it would be life-changingly delicious. It wasn’t. It actually made me throw up. I will be burning the remains, and suspicious of any alliterated food for years to come.
  • I would dearly love to peek at the analytics behind this banner ad that popped up in a game I was playing last night:
i can't stop staring at her lip liner

i can’t stop staring at her lip liner

Does this actually WORK? Do people say “damn, a woman in matching underwear and a sword hot shit this is a game for me!” and immediately download it? I am so curious. And baffled. And need to stop thinking about work.

  • On Friday, a group of us went and got our brows tamed and our bodies henna’d! It was awesome, and deserves a post to itself so pictures will be coming soon.
  • I am glad it is raining, because I feel less guilty about staying inside and packing boxes to put into storage.

2 thoughts on “random sunday

    • The unit is in my building, so it’s only $25/month .. I looked into uhaul and other off-site storage options, which were $60-100+ per month. If your building has storage units, see if there are extra and rent one (or in our case, a second one) – way more convenient and cheaper than offsite!

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