peer pressure

Today I ate bugs.

One of my co-workers backed a Kickstarter for Exo bars, a protein bar made with cricket flour. He brought some into the office, and a bunch of us tried a piece of the bug bar full of crickety goodness.

It was .. not bad.

I mean, I wouldn’t eat it regularly or anything, and if I was not as susceptible to insect-related peer pressure, I would have passed on the sample. I was already feeling kind of nauseous thanks to my lunch, and the small bit of bug bar I had almost pushed me over the edge. It didn’t taste BAD, but I really wish I hadn’t tried the cacao nut variety – it crunched. My imagination tends to run away with me at the most inopportune times, and all I could think of while chewing was “bugs bugs bugs I’m totally eating bugs”. Throw in some mystery bits that crackled in my mouth, and .. *erk*. Bugs. Not good on an already weak stomach, but quite palatable otherwise. Plus, protein! Cricket flour technology will come in handy after the apocalypse. In the meantime, there is leftover pizza in my fridge.

Sadly, I am not presently in Seattle showing too much cleavage at an all-ages show. I did some math, and realized that I likely wouldn’t get home until 3am .. and I need to be at my conference tomorrow at 9am, awake and functional. When I previously did the one-day-concert-trip-thing, the band was the opening act. Tonight they’re the headliner and not going on stage until much later. I really wanted to make my ridiculous idea work work, but in the end I just didn’t think it would be a good idea .. and so here I am: sitting at home watching a Futurama rerun, still queasy from eating bugs, and not at all inappropriately dressed. It is sad. I am full of self pity (and crickets).

things are going to get a lot worse or perhaps a lot better.

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