don’t panic

I woke up this morning with a swollen tongue and an insanely sore throat, because this is the single worst time in the history of everything ever for me to be sick:

  • I have an invasive doctorb appointment this afternoon that will see my germ-laden ass idling in a waiting room seething with pregnant women
  • Tomorrow is day one of a 2-day discovery at work
  • I am on the agenda to talk for approximately 5 hours
  • My practice road test is tomorrow evening
  • My REAL road test is Thursday morning
  • I had to miss a work trip to Portland for the discovery because of my utterly immovable road test – I must take the test and pass it this week, or the entire universe will be in jeopardy
  • Okay maybe not the entire universe but certainly MY universe – my DL expires while in London so I must renew before we leave, and there are Complicated Complications around my skills test and learner’s license that I will literally run out of time to deal with if I don’t pass my road test and upgrade/renew my license this week
  • I am way, way, too busy to be sick

Damnit. I don’t have TIME for this and also I feel like crap. I’m lucky that I only get colds or the flu once a year or so, but why did it have to be THIS week? I’m SO BUSY. And my coworkers are going to flip out if I’m unable to talk tomorrow. DAMNIT! LIFE IS HARD!

I had already arranged to work from home today so I could go to the doctorb this afternoon, but I honestly think my going to the appointment would be a bad idea so I’m trying to reschedule it. It’s just a quick check up to make sure my new hardware is still where they left it, so I don’t think the world will end if I wait until my throat isn’t on fire to go, but I feel bad about a last minute reschedule. Then again, I would feel worse about being sick in a room full of preggos. Moving my appointment would definitely be the lesser of two evils here.

I wonder if Ed would make me some tea.

Coming soon: a shameful secret I’ve been holding onto since the 4th grade. Just when I thought I was completely out of secrets to tell, I found one more! Hooray!

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