When I go to America, I usually bring back treats for my friends and coworkers. At first I only brought back delicious things because I am nice, but recently I’ve been bringing back bizarre things because is is frankly much more fun to be evil. For example, I could have brought back the Lemon Oreos because lemon cookies are delicious – but I’d rather see people suffer, so I brought these:

of all the fruits out there, why on earth did they choose watermelon

of all the fruits out there, why on earth did they choose watermelon

I’m not so evil that I won’t sample the horrors I bring back to share, so I did eat one. It was .. not good.

it helps if you don't dwell on how much the pink part looks like a tongue

it helps if you don’t dwell on how much the pink part looks like a tongue

My first mistake (beyond buying them in the first place) was eating it like I normally eat Oreos, which is to say I ate it in three pieces: cookie, icing, cookie. In doing this, I was made painfully aware of how much the icing tastes like and has the texture of watermelon bubblegum, making it feel like something you should not actually swallow. Multiple people have said the same thing. I’m glad the Watermelon Oreo is a limited time thing, because they’re AWFUL. Try it for yourself if you’re brave and/or stupid, but I definitely cannot recommend them as anything other than a party dare (remember the bacon jellybeans?).

I’m still getting over the last bits of my coldenflu, but I finally had my long weekend: I took Friday off. I desperately needed the mental health day, and for the first time ever I actually took (most of) a real live vacation day: didn’t check email (after 11am), didn’t send any responses (after the first two), didn’t stress over any of my projects (for the most part). It was really nice. I of course felt guilty about it, but in between all the guilt Miranda and I ran away to America for errands and shopping. It was a glorious spring day, we bought all of the cute things (there are none left, sorry), and fun was had. I also did an interview with CBC (more on that later). It was a very productive almost-no-work Friday.

Back to feeling trapped! At least I have watermelon Oreos.

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