three cheers for anal

Being anal retentive is awesome!

While preparing for my very own storage locker, I packed up some boxes and made meticulous notes on the contents of each one. It reminded me a lot of our move to BC back in 2004, when I had a huge notebook filled with page after page of lists (when you start packing for a move 6 months early, you get really good at boxes). Thankfully we’re now in the future and paper notebooks are a quaint anachronism collecting dust on my shelves, so my lists are in Evernote .. but the idea is the same: lists. Documentation. A system, complete with requirement numbering. What can I say? Tech writers gonna tech write.

Anyway, tonight I needed something obscure from my storage locker. Thanks to my notes, I was able to go immediately to the box I needed and pull out my prize. The prize is pretty lousy – three picture frames and a plate stand – but what I grabbed isn’t the point here, it’s that I have lists and notes and I am super anal retentive for one so utterly chaotic, and it fucking rules.

Three cheers for (being) anal (retentive)!



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