Today sucked.

Now that we’re back from vacation and settled into a routine, I’ve started looking around for my birthday kitten (that you were all around to witness Ed agreeing to). I found three adorable kittens that are exactly what I’m looking for (criteria: kitten, female, calico, adorable), and sent in applications for viewing. Two of the three are at an SPCA Education Centre, so today we drove 8 million miles away from civilization and into Port Coquitlam to meet the kittens.

I really wish I hadn’t done that, because of course I fell head over heels in love with a tiny calico currently named Ariel 19. I would have taken her home with me then and there, but there were complications – both Ariel 19 and her sister, Cinderella 21 (I have no idea, don’t ask), had recently recovered from kitten colds and were marked as best suited to being the only cat in a household. We do have Hobbes and Lemon to worry about, so I asked what the deal was. Turns out that the whole litter had Feline Calicivirus (calici for short and incidentally how people who don’t know how to spell “Khaleesi” enter it into Google) and even through they were over their colds, they could shed the virus for up to 6 months afterward. The SPCA told me this on Friday afternoon, so I did some research: everything I read suggested that if your cats are healthy, there’s nothing to worry about. Our cats are indoor only and healthy and could use a little exercise in the form of kitten chases, so I forged ahead with the meeting.

Ed obviously wasn’t thrilled with the idea of potentially introducing a virus to our cats, so I suggested he call our vet and ask questions. As I assumed what I read online would be what the vet said to Ed, I suited up and went into the cat area to meet the kittens in meat space. Both kittens were delighted to have a person around, and they started purring and chirping as soon as I said hello: Ariel was gorgeous and adorable and loved being held and she reminded me so much of Sasha that there were waterworks .. I could easily see Ariel in our home (albeit with a less dumb name), and in my head she was already mine.

You can probably guess where this is going based on the title, but the vet did NOT say what I thought she would say. Ultimately it was up to us, but she recommended seeing both Hobbes and Lemon for updated shots first, then waiting another 10 days before introducing the kitten so the vaccines had time to take hold .. and beyond that, she didn’t think it was a good idea. As well, the SPCA doesn’t hold animals, so the vet visits and waiting period wasn’t in the realm of possibility (and other people were inquiring about Ariel while I was falling in love with her) – I had to withdraw my application, and it broke my heart a little.

I know I have to think about H&L first, but .. she was so, so sweet. Everyone has assured me that it’s Kitten Season and I’ll be able to find and love all the kittens I want, I just can’t have *this* one. And I know it’s for the best and that someone will adopt her and love her and she’ll be adored and happy .. but right now really sucks. I can’t stop thinking about her ridiculous ears and the sound of her purring. There’ve been a lot of tears today.



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