that’s not how this works

You all know what this is about, so I won’t waste any energy rehashing the backstory.

  1. Consent can be revoked at any time. It is not an open pass that allows you to do as you like for the rest of your life.
  2. It’s highly unlikely the three or four women he dated worked together to get him fired – but it doesn’t matter. The other accusation, that he sexually harassed a fellow employee in the office, IS a fireable offense. CBC is not dictating what happens in the bedroom, but they can, should, and are saying that they do not tolerate sexual harassment in the workplace, and they hold their employees to a higher standard than to be accused of beating women.
  3. “Why didn’t the women go to the police?” Other than the fact that many people have no trouble believing someone who posted a self-pitying novel to Facebook over multiple women who had their stories checked out by an award-winning, responsible news organization, I have a very good idea why they didn’t file reports: There are rumours that emails and texts from the women “prove” they were into his BDSM fantasies – but even if there are, so what? My sending you a saucy message that says I want to play does NOT give ANYONE the right to punch and attack me outside that specific sexual encounter. If those messages are released into the public though, what will the majority of people – those who don’t understand point #1 up there – believe? “Clearly they must have wanted it, they even said so!” Bullshit. Consent can be revoked. A good relationship is built on trust. I trust that my partner won’t hurt me outside of the bedroom – hell, I trust that he won’t hurt me inside it, either. Safe words exist for a reason.
  4. Breath play during sex can be exciting. Breath play outside of sex is called assault. Choking someone the instant you’re behind a closed door, when they’re not expecting it, and don’t know you’ve just initiated foreplay? NO.
  5. Abuse is not kink. Kink is not abuse.

The internet makes me fucking tired.

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