Happy New Year! I hope your holidays were full of fun and glitter, as all things should be. I’m not really looking forward to returning to the Real World on Monday, but we’ll never get to the glory of spring and summer and fall if we don’t suffer through the glory of winter (sorry, but the weather here has been nothing short of spectacular).

I’m hoping to get to my usual End of the Year posts in the next week – my annual “how much did I spent on iTunes apps” tally, and the big round up of all the things that did or didn’t happen this year. They’re a pain in the ass and a ton of work, but .. well, tradition. So I have to do it, because tradition. Don’t question these things.

Another year-end tradition: a review of my 2014 goals, and setting some for the upcoming year. I didn’t have all that many, on account of a terrible mood when trying to recap – but here they are:

  • Travel: I’m going to London. In June. This is a no longer up for debate – I’ll go by myself if I have to, but in June I’ll be 8 hours in the future and my Instagram feed will be delightful.

I did this! And it was as delightful as advertised! I don’t know if you guys know this, but I LOVE LONDON.

  • Riding: I am going to get my Class 6 license this year. If all goes according to plan, I’ll have it before summer, and then I will spend all non-London time on two wheels, going both near and far (hopefully far).

I did this, too! It was hilarious and difficult and not without many bruises and a killer cold, but I emerged with a full Class 6 license to riiiiiiide.

  • Kittens: I’m getting a kitten. I want a kitten RIGHT NOW (it will do wonders for this black mood I’m in), but I see the logic in waiting until After London. 

I did in fact manage to hold off the kitten lust until after our London trip, and on August 3rd we brought home Piccadilly Circus who is presently curled up against my leg and happy as several hairy clams. She is awesome, and I adore her.

  • Since I’ve conquered the world of promotions, I sure would love to conquer the world of getting a raise.

I either set really easy goals, or I knocked 2014 out of the park – I did this, too. I finally got a raise to go with the aforementioned promotion, and then I got a new job that came with an additional raise. All these raises and new jobs are adorable little peanuts compared to what Ed did this year work-wise, but that’s his story to tell – I’m just an innocent bystander who reaps the benefits.

So, what do I want to get out of 2015? I’m not really sure yet! Let me sleep on it, because if I try to write the list now, it’ll come out sort of like this: London London London London London London London London London London London London London London London London London London London London London etc.

Oh! One other thing. I bought this book last week, which has 365 questions in it. I’ve missed writing daily, so .. I’m gonna try to answer the questions. Here. Not on paper. What is this, 1824?

Fittingly, the question for January 1st is What is your mission?

I don’t so much have a mission statement as I do a bunch of bullet points:

  • Do no harm
  • Be kind
  • Always be happy – and if I’m not happy, actively work towards it
  • Never go A2M
  • Find my purpose

That’s a good start, I think.

Happy 2015, y’all.

a warm glowing warming glow

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