perchance to dream

This right here? This is my deep-down secret dream. Maybe not so much the “middle of nowhere in Texas” part, but I’ve always harboured a desire to live with (but not with) friends. You know that thing you do where you daydream about your life after winning the lottery? For the record I don’t ever do that, but in the darkest, quietest parts of my soul, this is what I want more than anything: to build a 4-6 unit building and fill it with my closest friends. A little community, just for us. A place where we all had our own space for secret no-pants times, but with large communal areas for friend times. I suppose this is really a two-part fantasy, with the logistics being the easiest thing to figure out (er, beyond getting the millions of dollars that is) – the other half of the equation is having good friends who’d want to join my commune, and not just for the cheap or non-existent rent. One of these things I can buy with money. The other I cannot.

The closest I’ve come so far is living in an apartment with friends a floor down. I loved the arrangement, although the other people in the building were varying degrees of terrible. Replace the terrible with awesome, and it would have been perfect – so if I ever come into a sizeable amount of money, I’m going to do exactly that. If you want a spot in my amazing daydream commune, become my friend. There’s gonna be so many cats!

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