right on schedule

This isn’t exactly how I wanted to spend my last few days in London, but I suppose it was inevitable – I’m sick. It hit hard and fast, and I’m hoping it leaves the same way because I still have some things I want to do before I leave. I’ve resigned myself to spending today in bed, and hoping some rest and Advil cures what ails me (seems to be a cold, altho I’m a bit feverish with a sore throat). I’m not going to lie, this does suck – I don’t have much by way of food available, and nothing close by I can pop out to. I can likely order some food in a bit later, but right now I am all kinds of petulant and self-pitying with no one to take care of me and cater to my fevered whims. WHINE! I want to feel better!

Since I can’t do much else but upload photos (happening now, gonna take a while) and write, here’s the post I intended to put up tomorrow:

I’ve now been in the UK for three weeks. That’s enough time to form some habits, so here is a list of thing that are now second nature to me:

  • Calling people cunts
  • Paying to pee
  • Eating fish that isn’t halibut or salmon
  • Using a transit card system that works
  • Dodging selfies and selfie sticks, to a point – if you take too long to get the perfect shot, I’m moving into position
  • Drinking all the water ever
  • Wearing a tiny backpack
  • Getting around more by bus than tube – this is relatively new, thanks to Google Maps having the entire UK transit system integrated into the app. Often times the fastest or most direct way of getting somewhere is by bus, so I’ve spent much less time on the tube than usual.
  • Uber, for when I can’t possibly walk another step and/or my pre-booked cab doesn’t show up (or claims they did show up and argues with me in an illiterate fashion – full saga to be posted later)
  • Hanging my laundry to dry (still not a fan of crunchy jeans, tho)
  • Walking until I can’t feel my feet
  • Chorizo in everything. It’s awesome.
  • Whispering secrets into the wind
  • Going entire days without speaking (except to whisper the aforementioned secrets)
  • Sleeping with the bedroom door closed, to block out the impossibly loud ticking of four clocks in one small room

Some of those are good habits I hope to keep when I return to Canada, others I could live without.

I need to lie down now.

Here is a picture.

leadenhall market

leadenhall market

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