london in numbers

I’m home! I love home!

  • Number of days away: 26
  • Pictures taken: several thousand, but 1517 made the public album
  • Movies watched when I gave up on plane sleep both to and from London: 7
  • Awesome days had: 22 (minus 2 for travel ((I hate flying)), one for the day I was sick, and one for the day my insomnia was so bad I was unable to function)
  • Amount of time spent in Bath: 3 hours
  • Amount of time I wish I had spent in Bath: 3 days
  • How much I had to spend to get all my extra luggage home: $300
  • Public urination witnessed: 2
  • Alcohol consumed: 1
  • Diet Coke consumed: lots and lots, but tempered with equal amounts of water
  • Tea towels purchased: NONE
  • Lapel pins purchased instead: 13
  • Museums visited: 7? That doesn’t seem right. I think it was more than 7.
  • Shoes purchased: None!
  • Cardigans purchased: 6 (damn you Primark)
  • Number of days by which my trip was too long: 10
  • Secrets whispered into the wind: 23
  • Time I had been officially back in Canada before I started bugging Ed about going to Scotland with me: 14 minutes
  • Number of items waiting for me at the house that I had no recollection of ordering before I left: 3
  • Total number of fun had: 17.53 million

My entire trip was one of those “once in a lifetime” things, and I’m so so so grateful I got to go. I solo travelled! To strange and exciting new places (as well as strange and exciting old places)! I saw things and did things and it was all so great and fun! And now I’m home!

As mentioned above, the pics I took are online in Google Photos for lookin’. I will inevitably be posting some here and on Instagram in the upcoming weeks, but if you want to see several hundred pictures of the Tower Bridge taken from different angles, go hog wild.

edinburgh is made of leaves and rainbows

yeah, ali.

boadicea is going to kick your ass.

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