in short

  • Ed’s birthday. Storm Crow Ale House. Critical Miss AND Critical Hit. Drunk!
  • Astronautalis show in Seattle. 10th one! Maaaaaay have done additional damage to my foot while dancing my tits off. Oops.
  • Excellent weekend in Seattle. Saw a play. With nudity! Bush AND dong. What a time to be alive.
  • Obsessed (like, Rent-style obsessed) with Hamilton. Spent last week learning about American revolution history. Cross-referenced soundtrack with Trouble Hunters (Astronautalis song about the Battle of Trenton, which is something I apparently now know about). Need to bone up on my Canadian history to balance out all this knowledge.
  • Ultrasound today. Heart exists, moves and stuff. Good?
  • Forthcoming birthday weekend shaping up to be insane for reasons that have nothing to do with my birthday.
  • Desire for drastic shake up has me in a funk. Compromises are being discussed.
  • Lola needs an engine rebuild. No idea where I’m going to get it done or how much it’ll cost. Bummed out.
  • Bought tickets to see the Book of Mormon in Vancouver in September with friends. Fun!
  • Accidentally bought an Xbox One. Not sure what to play on it.
  • Haven’t ruled out travel beyond October, but have started planning for the next two years out. Who needs to stay home? Not me.

Mostly content. Forget how to write in complete sentences. Tired of having a broken foot. Desperately need a haircut. Other than that, things are good.


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