stressful things

Things that are currently making me want to simultaneously throw up and cry:

  • JIRA
  • Backseat troubleshooters
  • Companies that respond to your info request, which asks you what type of communication you prefer, with a phone call
  • This migraine I’ve had since midnight or so that I have to power through because JIRA
  • My hopes and dreams
  • That I know just enough to know what’s wrong, but lack the access and ability to fix it
  • Okta
  • Why did no one else care that Barb went missing
  • Existential dread
i believe i can fly but then jira

i believe i can fly
but then jira

One thought on “stressful things

  1. I tried to introduce JIRA and good development practices to the place I’m working. Wanted the users to have a nice slick bug reporting system by using Service Desk. Wanted the IT side of the company to be able to plan, manage, and deliver on stuff without ideas/tickets/etc getting lost to the howling void that is Redmine. I had a grand dream.

    Thanks to people apparently completely missing the point, our setup sucks almost as much as the Redmine system we left.

    And the dev team seems to have abandoned any pretense at planning for “we’re working on stuff, we promise”.

    I could vent for days, yo. FOR DAYS.

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