flip it and reverse it

The reaction to my thing-waffling has varied between a mild “you should do the thing!” to a complete dissertation on WHY I MUST DO THE THING RIGHT NOW. Understandably, my mind is not settled. I am still waffling. It is significantly less delicious than it sounds.

So, let me throw this into the mix: the thing requires you to leave everything behind – your family, pets, friends, the excessive Funko Pop collection, your still-unfinished game of Fallout 4, that one really bulky jacket that kind of makes you look like a marshmallow but you love it anyway – for an entire year.

My waffling is not fear of the unknown – it is fear for everything I’d leave behind.

Armed with that knowledge, do you still encourage me to do the thing? What would YOU do?

4 thoughts on “flip it and reverse it

  1. If it was me…I’d weigh how I’d feel 5 or 10 years down the road if I had or hadn’t taken the risk. Which would you anticipate regretting more? If Paul was okay with it I’d probably go. Everything you’re worried about leaving behind will likely be there when you get back.

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