tantrum dance

I can’t handle very much at the moment. So far today I have thrown my hands up in the air and yelled “I QUIT” for the following reasons:

  • I accidently threw out a co-worker’s lunch and I feel terrible about it
  • There were 18 points of failure in the information I just audited
  • The English Muffin on my desk looked like a chocolate chip cookie all day, but wasn’t ever a cookie
  • I’m hungry, but not for cold non-cookie English Muffins
  • WestJet still has not addressed my claim regarding the infamous flight fiasco
  • The announcement that my last day at Hootsuite will be October 28th has officially gone out
  • Someone created a service account without a paper trail
  • I really want to be at home, playing Portal 2 in my underwear

So many tantrums. Everybody cut loose!

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