who runs the world

It is International Women’s Day (and contrary to the beliefs of our .. first lady? Do we have that in Canada? The Prime Minister’s wife. Seems like she ought to have a title. Anyway. Contrary to her beliefs, I will not be using this day to celebrate the men in my life, because what the ever-loving fuck, lady.), and I am celebrating women – myself, the women I know, and the women who walked this path before me so that I may do the things I do, wear the things I wear, and be my best, uncompromising self. It is also the day of the International Women’s Strike, which I am less able to participate in – not because I don’t believe in it, but because a day without me isn’t really anything anyone would notice. I mean, I refuse to do housework today, but it’s also Wednesday so that’s not really out of the norm. I am not raising any children today (or ever), so that one is out. A day without me at work .. well, if I’m not there, the world won’t end. Some commas may appear where there ought not be any commas, but my absence would not make any sort of resounding statement, so I’m working. I AM working topless, though, and wearing a red bra. Because I CHOOSE to do these things. Breasts aren’t political, they’re just awesome.

Happy International Women’s Day, everyone! #persist #resist #slay #glue


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