change of plans

We’re supposed to be in Edmonton right now, but we canceled our road trip at the last minute. The interior of BC (and much of our driving route) is under severe landslide warnings and we would both prefer not to be washed away in mud. That, coupled with the fire alarm testing going on at Sparta today, caused us to postpone – we’ll go later next month. Safety eventually and all, but I’m kind of bummed to be missing out on the Astronautalis show in Edmonton this Friday. It was a conveniently-timed coincidence, but then mud. Boo.

I’m sort of glad we’re home for the fire alarms, though. Poor Hobbes goes catatonic with fear when they go off, so at least we’re here to keep the cats company. When the alarms start, I’ll hide in my bathroom with them for a few hours. In fact, last night I deep-cleaned my bathroom so we’d have a nice place to hang out while loud noises are happening. I am so considerate! Plus, I have to work in there all morning. Might as well be comfortable.

So, instead of leisurely driving through the mountains looking for elk this upcoming long weekend, I will be at home, cleaning out our pantry. I look forward to taking inventory of all my creamed corn and disposing of expired sauces. Yes, I lead an enviable life. I totally wish I was me.


seriously, this weather sucks.

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