all better now

I’m feeling much better now. I had a long nap and a big messy cry and sang the song of my very sad people to anyone who would listen, but. Today is a new day! I have very many good things in my life that I am grateful for. I try not to dwell on the negative or the impossibly badly handled, but yesterday was just fucking difficult and my secret inside thoughts spilled out all over everything and created a slippery mess on the floor. It’s true that being the Only One sometimes gets to me, but let’s face it: I enjoy being different. For someone who is afraid of people and things, I kind of like standing out. I would be miserable if I was exactly same as the others, and most of the time I find the complications that come with the territory of being me truly hilarious. Heart failure that appears for no reason? Hah! Diabetes that defies medical science? LOL! Discovering flaws in the system by accidentally being such an incredible edge case that no logical person would ever think it a potential issue? I was voted most likely to do exactly that in high school three years running! So, yeah. Suffering all them slings and arrows of outrageous fortune is not a new thing. Sometimes, it – and by extension, I – get sort of built up, like lime scale on a shower head. I just need a good dip in CLR, or something. Or OxiClean. But wait, there’s more!

Only no more, please. We move in less than three weeks. I do not have time for another round of unbelievable, could-only-happen-to-Kimli bullshit in my life just yet.

Thank you for all the comiseration and good thoughts sent my way. Y’all good people. <3

I know what you dream of, I dream of it too. #yvr #granvilleisland #netloft #paperya

no more angst. only winged unicorn donkeys hanging from cotton candy and pooping out rainbow balls.

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