I’m microdosing my mother.

Wait, that sounds bad. I’m not microdosing her, I’m microdosing myself WITH her. Is that better?

Microdosing is taking small amounts of psychedelic drugs in the hopes of enhancing yourself without the full effect of the drug taking over. It’s claimed that this can “unlock” your brain, making you smarter or more creative or more able to concentrate. I have no real experience with this. My mother, crazy though she may be, is not a psychedelic drug, so it’s really nothing like microdosing whatsoever. I’m simply taking my mother in tiny doses. Just a little bit at a time. To build up immunity.

My mother is iocane powder.

I have a difficult time relating to my mother because she speaks in tangents and doesn’t understand a single aspect of my life outside of Ed and cats. We’re eerily similar in that aspect, although MY nonsensical rambling makes PERFECT sense and hers does not (shut up and let me have this).

To keep my sanity, I’ve been visiting my mother in quick bursts. I dropped in on Monday afternoon to deliver some things I brought over from the mainland. Last night, we went for dinner with her neighbour/friend, and tonight mom and I are going shopping. Small doses. I can do this. Just a tiny bit at a time.


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