double booked

I accidentally booked a brow wax appointment at two different places, right across the street from one another. It would be rude to cancel, so the only appropriate thing to do is to get one brow done at each place. This can’t possibly backfire!

We leave for Amsterdam in 6 days and I am beyond excite. This trip has been complicated since day one – it was supposed to come at the end of the tech conference Ed attends for work, which got cancelled last week due to most of the major vendors pulling out over Wu-Tang fears. Flights had to be cancelled and travel insurance screwed us yet again (third time in 18 months) so we’re out of pocket for a hastily booked one-way flight to AMS, but we’re determined to get there. It was originally a destination for our fall trip in 2018, but we had to cut our trip short because of mister pissy pants (who is STILL pissing his pants all over the floor and Ed says it builds character). We’re going with some excellent friends, which makes for extra excite – I love traveling with people. Adventure is even better when you get to share it.

Plus we’re all official Bad Girls (even Ed and Mike), so you know it’s gonna be fun for all ages.

It feels like it’s been FOREVER since my last travel (which was in November, so that’s basically forever) and my cabin fever (along with the actual fever) has been fierce. I’m gonna tour so many canals, you guys.


i am 11/12 bad girl.


One thought on “double booked

  1. Ehh, I’m only guilty of around 8-9… More if I could. Could Vegas fill inm for Goa here?! 🤔

    Boo, travel insurance, yay fwends!

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