isolation report, day 109

Today I hate everything, up to and including the following things:

  • People who publicly demand their pull requests be attended to less three minutes after signing off on it (I technically have no SLA, but I still expect more than 180 fucking seconds before you escalate)
  • Waiting for a package that “shipped” on June 5th and has been waiting for UPS to pick it up from the warehouse since then
  • Waiting for a package that took 13 days to get from Richmond BC to Burnaby BC and has been sitting at the distribution centre since June 11
  • Something was “delivered” on June 16th but it wasn’t so now I have to deal with customer service and both items in the shipment are now sold out
  • Two open disputes with Paypal for things paid for and not received
  • (this was intentionally buried) a cyst the size of an extremely angry marble in a very uncomfortable place and it fucking HURTS and I’m wondering if I need medical attention because this is far worse than cysts I’ve had in the past
  • Started an interview process on May 6th, have had 9 calls with the company (6 of them formal interviews), still waiting on a decision
  • Untold amounts of horrible stress and doubt due the waiting
  • I hate my hair
  • Cat fluids fucking everywhere
  • Lemon is an unrepentant asshole and it’s exceedingly difficult to love him some days/weeks/months. I’m fucking tired of getting bitten for the crime of petting this little shithead.
  • The entire fucking world is on fire and everything is just fucking awful everywhere and I feel like I can’t get away from the horror
  • We have Sonos speakers throughout the house. Most of them are now considered obsolete (S1) and don’t work with the new app (S2+) – but two of them are S2 so I have to have two different apps that don’t work together. As well, the speakers we do have keep falling off our network and can’t be connected until they suddenly reappear. I used to be a big Sonos advocate, and now I’m looking for a replacement system entirely because this is bullshit. Suggestions welcome!
  • Trying to coordinate shit with people who don’t read their messages is frustrating af
  • WordPress has a new editor and they’re trying to make it super simple for people but instead just made it terrible for people who know what they’re doing
  • It’s been raining on my Animal Crossing island for over two weeks straight and it’s pissing me off – I have to go to other islands for meteor showers, and I haven’t seen the shifty art fox in over a month.
  • Everything. I fucking hate everything.

I’m going to eat a hot dog now.

now more than ever

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