normalize normal eyes

The good news: my eyes are super. No sign of impending death by diabetes in any of my eyeballs. The tiniest suggestion of an inkling of a whisper thinking about maybe becoming a cataract one day, but it isn’t even a solid thought let alone anything that can be treated at this point so it might as well not be there. Hooray!

The bad news, and you knew bad news was coming because I am the very model of a modern medic mystery: I appear to be having a pretty severe allergic reaction to the gamma rays they dosed me with yesterday.

When my vision eventually returned (sorry, Wanda), I was startled to see my face (beyond the usual reasons): from my eyes to my upper lip is bright red and puffy, at times really itchy, and rough. It’s sort of like I’m experiencing two summer’s worth of eczema all at once, which .. I dunno, is that how they look at the back of your eyes? Is this just a weird sunburn rash thing? I originally thought this was caused by the eye drops they administered, but those didn’t go anywhere near my cheeks. Lights and lasers did, though. Shit. I think I have a radiation vibe burn going on. I don’t like it.

Still no word on what beats betwixt my heaving bosom, nor when to expect the hemogoblins to come a-callin’. No vaccine appointment scheduled yet, because the Fraser Health website runs on decaf hamsters. Have spent so much time talking about words I’ve forgotten how to use them, which is becoming somewhat of an issue at work. Making a flowchart to outline my plan to get over my wordnesia for fun. Thinking about bleach – not that one, the other three.

Still alive.

2 thoughts on “normalize normal eyes

    • Thinking about bleaching my hair while listening to Nirvana’s Bleach and wondering about Clorox and the bathroom application thereof – was not thinking about the anime!

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