vince dip

A summertime staple, named after the friend who served it at his annual birthday Meat Wave.


Block of cream cheese

Medium tub of sour cream

Packet of taco seasoning

Bottle of taco sauce

Your favourite salsa

At least one diced tomato (if you’re me, use 4)

Green onions, chopped

Shredded cheese

Every tortilla chip in the world

Other things that I don’t like but would probably be good in this dip, like guacamole or some sort of bean.

A casserole dish


Dump the block of cream cheese, the sour cream, and the taco seasoning into a bowl. Mix that shit up. If you’re Mr. Bean, layer them beans on the bottom of a casserole dish and spread the mixture on top. If you are Anti-Bean as I am, the seasoned cream will be the base of your dip.

Open the bottle of taco sauce and pour it on top of the previous layer. Use a spoon and spread it out.

Cheese. More than that. More. Still more. Look, just use the whole damn bag.

Dump your favourite salsa on top of the cheese and spread it out. If you didn’t use all the cheese in the last step, use more here. Open a second bag, maybe.

Sprinkle the diced tomatoes and green onions on top of the salsa. If you’re making this for Shan, make sure to leave one corner without green onions on it or consider making a second, smaller Vince Dip without the onions.

Put guacamole in there somewhere. I’m not really a fan so I don’t know the best place to put the guac. Maybe over the cheese but before the salsa? I don’t know.

Stick the whole thing in the fridge for at least an hour to get all the ingredients to the same temperature. This is an important step, as it activates the flavours (scientific term).

If you don’t have any guac on hand and don’t want to make some, you could also layer sliced avocado in the equation somewhere. I don’t know where. Missouri?

Serve with every tortilla chip in the world. When people say “damn, this is tasty”, smile and wink and say “Thanks, Vince!”. No matter where you are in the world, he will hear you. Vince hears all, and his dip is stellar.

normally I’d post a picture of the dish, but I can’t find one so here is a picture of me looking like some sort of disgruntled internet person covered in cats.

Oh, Vince Dip. It’s the taste of summer, but you can have it any time. I make it several times a year and it’s my go-to potluck dish. There’s something about the combination of flavours and the excessive amount of tomatoes and green onions that makes it feel like you’re eating a salad, albeit one with a sour cream and cream cheese-based dressing. I was actually surprised that I love Vince Dip as much as I do, because I don’t much care for creamy white things (she says, after posting two creamy white recipes in a row) but it’s really good. Sometimes I make it in the middle of the night so Later Kimli has something tasty to snack on. I love Later Kimli. She’s so full of possibility.

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