game reviews

I’ve been a gamer since 1994, a quote unquote professional gamer since 2000, and have worked in the gaming tournament industry as a play-by-play commentator since 2002. I also play more video games than you can shake a stick at. Here’s a handy list of what my fingers are doing, now split up into individual pages as to maximize the amount of words I can spit out:

Currently Playing (updated 03/01)

Recently Finished (updated 03/01)

Yucky Games (updated 03/01)

Super Happy Awesome Party Fun Extreme Time Games

Special Secret Adults Only Section

3 thoughts on “game reviews

  1. Well, I found this entertaining to read, despite the fact that I’m not a gamer and have never even seen screen shots from 90% of the games mentioned. But hey, I’m a gratuitous luddite like that. :)

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