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Sasha died in my arms on July 22nd, 2009.

She’ll always be my best friend, and I’ll always love her. I miss her so very, very much – but she’s not in pain any more, and she had an incredible life.

None of that really helps when my heart is breaking.

I love you, Sasha. I’ll see you again – save me a pillow.

It took me over two months to be able to update this page, and I still couldn’t do it without crying.

– September 29th, 2009


I’ve had Sasha since early 1995. She’s my best friend, my favourite cat, my longest relationship and a huge pain in the ass. I love her very, very much.

Sasha is getting on in years. She turned 14 in October of ’08, and her age is starting to show.

She’s still spunky though, and is still the boss of our household. She is very vocal, especially when she wants something – food, your lap, your food, attention.

Sasha has been a fixture of my blog since the very beginning. She has fans all around the world, and was once known as the Panzerkitten for her habit of hogging my microphone while I was on air for game commentary.

Unfortunately, Sasha isn’t feeling very well right now. I took her to the vet to have her checked out, because it makes me sad when she is not happy.

The doctor is worried: there’s a very good chance Sasha has cancer, and she may not have much time left.

I do not know what I would do if I lost her.

I would like to ask a favour of you all. Please, if you have a pet of your own, go and give him or her a hug right now.

A lot of people have sent good thoughts and well wishes Sasha’s way. This means a lot to me, and to her. Thank you for thinking of us both.

I will continue to pass along your love to Sasha for as long as the universe will let me. Please continue to think good healthy thoughts towards her – I will translate your words into belly scratches.

— Kimli

11 thoughts on “sasha’s page

  1. Jeanie emailed me yesterday about Sasha’s plight, and as fellow kitty owners we are all heartbroken about the news. Jeanie suggested we do something about it, so I’ve set it up.

    If Sasha has brought you kitty love, kitty hisses, and overall Sasha-ness anytime in the past, donate.

    If Kimli entertains you on a daily basis with her humour, wit, and inappropriate cleavage, donate.

    If you are a pet owner yourself and know how rough it is to have a sick kitty, donate. No one should have to think about the possible bills when faced with possibly losing their pet

    Every dollar counts and helps. Please donate!

    visit Sasha’s donation page


  2. Kitty cuddles to Sasha from Desi, Hattie, and myself. My girls are going in for checkups tomorrow, so we’ll vibe for Sasha in the meantime. I’ll also put in a request to Elvira, my dearly departed superhuman-feline caretaker for you. She developed cancer at age 11 and beat it for a time. And of course vibes to you and Ed as well.

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  4. I lost my kitty several years back to a malignant brain tumor that grew so quickly we weren’t sure what hit us. I feel your pain, and I’m hoping for the best for Sasha and your family. Hugs.

  5. We’re hoping for the best for Sasha- our kitteh Foufi died of cancer in the summer which was super fast spreading- not even a month after she was diagnosed we lost her to it. Our Bucky cat sends Sasha his purrs and get better wishes….xo

  6. Purr purr, more scratches, please!

    And as much as all of those photos are awesome (looove the one where she’s keeping a paw on her person while she sleeps) that last one is awesomely spooktastic!

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