solid gold ultrasound

I think Sasha’s feeling better – she’s growling at the other cats again.

In a fit of wanting to be a children’s book author, I made Sasha her own page: it is here. Cans for Comments was such a success that now I’m doing Kisses for Komments – each comment left for Sasha will result in extra love and belly scratches for her. So, y’know, comment. Think of the children, by which I mean the cats.

Unfortunately, the vet is almost certain Sasha has cancer. Her blood work came back yesterday, and it’s not good. She wants Sasha to get an ultrasound immediately to find out how bad it is, but there’s a catch: an immediate ultrasound will cost $1500. On the other hand, if Sasha can wait two weeks, it’ll be $300 – there’s a traveling ultrasound technician who does vet visits, as opposed to taking her into the animal version of the Mayo Clinic. The thing keeping us in check – other than the incredible expense – is that we don’ t know how badly or how quickly she’s failing. I’m taking her in on Wednesday for more blood work, which should tell us if she’s getting rapidly worse or if it’s a slow decline. Once we know what she has and how bad it is .. well, I don’t know what comes next. How do you treat cancer in cats? I’m afraid of the answer.

Miranda and Jeanie surprised the hell out of Ed and I by setting up a donation page for Sasha – the link is at the bottom of Sasha’s page. I’m blown away by their generosity and the gesture itself – it’s very comforting to have all of you around, virtually or otherwise. Please don’t feel obligated to donate – every little bit helps and we absolutely appreciate it, but even just knowing people are thinking of Sasha is amazing.

My mom is here, and we’re going to do some wandering around town. I don’t know that Ed is aware he will be coming with us yet – he’s very comfortable watching HD sharks (much more scary than regular sharks), but he’s going to have to get off the couch soon. I don’t know why he’d be so reluctant – isn’t it the dream of every guy to take his mother in law and petulant wife to the busiest mall in the city on a rainy Saturday to wander around looking at shoes and purses all day? He should be thanking US!

Poor Ed.

3 thoughts on “solid gold ultrasound

  1. Poor Sasha (and poor Kimli). It sucks when your pet is sick and probably not going to get better.

    I had a dog die of liver cancer years ago…well, we had her put down when her quality of life began to decline dramatically, and I still feel a twinge of sadness when I see other dogs who look like her.

    I hope you are able to manage Sasha’s health for the time being. She’s in caring hands.

  2. We put Elvira through chemo when we found her tumor. Oddly, cats deal with chemo much better than humans do, and she went into remission for about 6 months. Those 6 months were probably some of the best she had; she went into total kittenhood regression. It was expensive, but worth it. The only reason we didn’t do it a second time was because the treatments stressed her out but only because she hated strangers so much.

    Good luck and good wishes to you all.

  3. Whoa, that’s one helluva fee for ultrasound; I agree, solid gold. Possibly platinum.

    I’m sorry you all are going through this painful, sad time and am happy to hear about the donation page.

    Know you’ll be in my thoughts, sending kitty love and support.

    Here’s to Kisses for Komments. Please give Sasha an extra good cheek rub/scratch for me (if she likes that; most kitties seem to).

    Hugs to FurParents, too.

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