some things are bigger than your fear

I woke up this morning in pretty rough shape*, but I forced myself outside for one (historic, epic, vast) reason. I don’t think the marches outside of Washington DC had been planned when I booked my trip, but that’s the glorious thing about so many people coming together in solidarity – it’s global. Hundreds of thousands (millions?) of women and men marched around the world today to demand women’s rights and protest against Trump and all he stands for, and it was a powerful thing to see. I’ve been on the verge of awed tears all day long (which is kind of exhausting, to be honest), and I wish that I could have been more evolved in the event .. but there are limits to what you can expect from yourself when you’re a) still sick but powering through as best you can, b) terrified of crowds, and c) traveling from afar with no room in your bag for poster board. I’m happy that I made it out, though.

*: I forget to eat when I’m on my own. Forgetting to eat when you’re sick (or, you know, ever) is a bad idea. I promise to be better to myself from here on out. Myself is pretty neat. Myself deserves at least a whole meal per day.

Pictures from today coming soon! In the meantime, enjoy this brilliant drawing by Shing Yin Kor:


role model. (art by shing yin kor)

the comforts of home

I’m here and in one piece! I have internet access! I’m trapped in my flat!

The flight to London was uneventful and kind of dull, but I did manage to sleep a little. My ride was waiting for me when I finally made it through customs, and I was in my room by 5pm local time. Hooray!

The room is beyond tiny, but it’s perfect for my stay. I haven’t had a chance to explore the area yet (beyond the Sainsbury’s down the road), and while I’m relatively well-rested and ready to explore, I can’t leave my room because my hair is wet.

When I booked this trip, I was kind of in a rush and didn’t do all the research I normally do. If I had, I would have realized that the place I’m staying is missing two things: free wifi, and a hair dryer.

The place charges £10 a day for wi-fi. I’m already paying $10 a day to use my Rogers plan while in the UK, so I wasn’t about to pay an extra £140 to have computer internet during my stay. However, I do have to work next week, so I need internet access. Unable to sleep three nights ago, I googled upon these guys and for £61 (£30 of which is a refundable deposit), I get 6GB of wi-fi for my stay. I arranged to have it delivered this morning, and it just arrived. Problem 1: solved!

The second problem is why I’m currently writing from my room instead of being outside: there’s no hair dryer in the room. My hair takes 3-4 hours to dry on its own (more if it’s at all humid), and it’s freezing outside. I can’t leave my room until my hair is completely dry, which may happen just before dark at this rate. The front desk has promised me that housekeeping can lend me a hair dryer, but they haven’t shown up yet – so here I sit, damply. I want to go outside. I’m hungry. It’s gorgeous and sunny and I have things to do. My hair is stupid.

As I was typing that last sentence, housekeeping showed up with a hairdryer! Problem 2: solved! k, I gotta dry my head and go outside. BYE!

we are not amused

I leave for London in two days. Naturally, I woke up this morning with a painful chest cough. I’ve managed to avoid Ed’s mega-cold and all other seasonal ailments so far, but it seems fate was saving something special for me to launch at the worst possible time. Uncool, germs. Imma fight you.

Lately, I’ve been thirsty a lot and also craving salt. As part of my resolution to Adult Better, I’ve been drinking a lot of water. My heart medication (now there’s a phrase that makes you sound 80 years old) makes me pee 95 times a day, so I drink a lot of water to make sure I don’t get dehydrated. I still drink Diet Coke like it’s going out of style, but when I’m at home (which is 98% of the time because outside is cold and there are wolves) I’ll switch to water around noon and basically don’t stop drinking. That’s good, right? Water is life! Hydration is bliss! I’m a glowing, salad-laughing, yoga-pant-clad everywoman! Except .. well, like most other things in my life, I overdo it. I researched my symptoms, and according to the internet I’m all outta electrolytes (and also have 14 cancers). It all fits – the non-stop water craving, the salt lick I installed in my office, the severe and terrible muscle spasms I’ve experienced, the occasional nausea, etc. I am bad at water. I can’t even do healthy right.

I’m not about to start chugging Gatorade like I’m some sort of sponsored sport-man, so I guess this is one more thing I have to be aware of. I recently spoke to my heart doc to ask if I still had to take a mountain of meds each day (including my most-loathed medication, the Minty Shit Pill), and he wants me to keep on keeping on until at least June. When I get back from my travels, I’ll probably use Medeo to see if I can get some prescription-strength Tang or something, or at least have my kidneys checked to find out why they’re not pulling their weight around here.

In the meantime, I’m going to try to flush this stupid cough/sinus thing out of my system (by drinking tons of water). I am pretty choked about this new development, because I LEAVE IN TWO DAYS. Did I mention that in large enough letters yet? TWO DAYS. I don’t have TIME for this bullshit.

what time is it? NOT SICK TIME

what time is it? NOT SICK TIME

postimus prime

Ed surprised me with not one but FOUR amazing new Optimus Prime figures for my Prime Shelf, so clearly a cleaning and reorganization was in order. Behold, then, my Prime Shelves! They aren’t all labeled, but I’ve pointed out some Primes of Note:

bottom shelf

shelf three

shelf two

top shelf

My Optimii please me a great deal. 

lonely in advance

I’m going to London next week, for two weeks. I’ll be working for half the trip, and exploring the city/revisiting favourites the rest of the time. As you can probably imagine, I am excited. I may already be packed, even. I could leave now!

As excited as I am (don’t let the lack of exclamation points fool you), I am presently allowing myself to wallow in the sads. I figure if I can get the sads out of the way now, when I’m in London I’ll have nothing but happy excited silly times because frankly that is what I do best.

Here’s why the sads: I’m going to be lonely in London. I’ve realized that while I love exploring and seeing things and experiencing Diet Coke in different time zones, it’s a thousand times better to do those things (and more) with someone else. I asked Ed if he would come with me for even part of this trip, and he didn’t want to – rumour has it he wants the alone time so he can have affairs – so I’m going to be all by my lonesome and that is making me sad. I am a selfish creature: I want to have excellent adventures, but I want to have someone to share them with. I have the “someone” part down, but he’s not interested in accompanying me (for a variety of reasons). I reluctantly get it – not everyone is cut out to hop on a plane for 9 hours to go to a repeat destination just because they weren’t kidding when they said they didn’t want to be in North America on inauguration day – but I’m still sad about it.

Clearly I’m just going to have to save more money between trips, and pay someone to be my travel friend.

Okay, off to be sad for a bit. I’ve got a few more days to be sad, and then I will make a list of Things I want to Do while Adventuring.

happy place

happy place


new year new theme

Changed it up a little. Nothing says “fresh and new” like pink dots on a grey background.

I finally opened the Instant Pot this morning, with the intention of making this chili-lime chicken tonight. Assuming I don’t accidentally poison us, I’ll report back.

It was somewhat disheartening to open the Instant Pot and look through the included recipe book, though: not only was the very first recipe for a butternut squash soup, the rest of the book contained different ways to cook quinoa and also was RACIST.

The recipe book is in English and Chinese, and the Chinese recipes are completely different than the English ones. In English, we get things like Black Bean Soup, Red Lentil Chili, Turkey Wings, Lamb Tajine, Turnip Cake, various pork dishes, etc. In Chinese, you get .. well, I can’t read Chinese. Based on the pictures, the recipes are for things like Onion Peach Teacup Pudding, Pile of Raw Chicken, Fish Eye Chili Flake Stew, Large Chunk of Pork, Beef Squats, Behemoth Eyeball Dumplings, Lotus Root Dessert. This makes no sense to me – why aren’t the recipes the same? Did the manufacturer make some broad assumptions of what people eat based on their language? That seems rude. For all I know, Beef Squats are delicious and I might want to try them. None for me though, because I do not meet the manufacturer’s standard for someone who would cook Beef Squats at home. Hmpf.

I promise to stop bitching about the Instant Pot soon.

In 13 sleeps, I will be on my way to London! I sure do like that place.

under pressure

I bought an Instant Pot right before Christmas, but it’s still in the box because I am afraid of it.

I do intend to use it, but I’m having trouble deciding what I want to make. I’ve scoured the internet for recipes and suggestions, but I’m finding a lot of “omg best ever” lists full of stuff I would never eat. I’m a picky eater, but mostly I don’t want to have to go out and buy a whole bunch of ingredients for something I might not enjoy. Also, that whole “stuff I would never eat” thing, no matter how many moms swear that it’s the best thing they’ve ever made in their entire lives omg aren’t we so healthy and twee, such as:

  • Creamy Dairy-Free Potato and Kale Soup: If the word “creamy” is right in the title, don’t then tell me it’s “dairy-free” like that’s a good thing. If I want a creamy soup, cream better be an ingredient. Chickpea water is not cream. Also, kale is overrated and terrible. Hard pass on this recipe.
  • Lentil Tacos: no. For starters, I thought lentils were just pretentious beans. I looked it up, and it turns out “The lentil (Lens culinaris) is an edible pulse.”. WHAT. I’m not eating a pulse. If I want tacos, I will make them the way god intended: STUFFED FULL OF MEATS
  • Butternut Squash Risotto: I am not a fan of risotto, because I am Asian and rice should never be mushy. Also, this recipe is both vegan and gluten-free and that makes me cranky.
  • Paleo Butternut Squash Soup: So, is it like, law that all instant pot recipes have to use squash? I’ve been squash-shy ever since the Pumpkin Pie Blizzard incident of ’08. If I had known I was required to be some sort of squash-loving mega mom to own an Instant Pot, I probably would have passed.

The food I cook at home usually involves a lot of cheese, because cheese is life. Where does the cheese go in a squash soup? Probably nowhere. I’m sure I’ll find something to make that sounds like something we’d eat, but in the meantime, I’m clicking through a lot of internet and making stink-face at all the squash, kale, quinoa, and icky things I want nothing to do with.


PS: “Instant Pot” would be a good name for a weed store.