There’s two where there should be three.

There were three where there should have been four.

The house is too quiet. Less fluffy. And my heart hurts.

We lost Cheddar today. A trip to the vet yesterday revealed advanced feline leukemia, a likely tumour on her liver, and a thyroid problem. At 16, there was nothing we could do. She was in pain, but refused to show it even to the end – purring and happy to see us. We had to say goodbye, and it was so hard.

Cheddar was with us for 14 wonderful years, and remains the best kidnapping decision I’ve ever made. Everyone who ever met her loved her, and she loved them all in return.

I hope we did right by you, Cheddar. You are so, so loved.


smoked cheddar cheese
the happiest, least photogenic cat that ever was