I am the worst delinquent ever.

I had to replace my bank card last week due to compromised situations, so I was issued a temporary card until the new one arrived. Unfortunately, in that time I also managed to forget my online banking password .. which you can’t reset unless you have your bank card handy. I was locked out of the online financial world, which meant I couldn’t pay my bills on time (they always get paid on the 15th because I am punctual like that). I had been stressing out a little about this, because even though my bills are never paid late, I figured Shaw and Rogers would immediately assume I was on the lam and never going to pay up and turn off every single internet I have. This would be an utter disaster (and frankly a recurring nightmare of mine), so as soon as my new bank card arrived in the mail, I got my online banking access sorted out so I could pay my bills.

I’m just paranoid enough that after I paid the bills, I logged into the services online to make sure they hadn’t covered my accounts in blinking red warnings. It was then that I learned that the bills I had sort of agonized over for the past week thinking I was seconds away from my home being repossessed .. aren’t actually due until the 27th of this month.

All that excellent worrying, wasted. When did I become so responsible? Back in the day an unpaid bill way a way of life, not a reason to panic. I feel like I need to go write some swears on the wall, just to make up for what a disappointment I must be to my teenaged self.

Also, this is my new favourite thing in the whole world and never fails to make me laugh myself silly:

adventure time adventure

After dinner last night (welcome back, Chronic Tacos on Broadway – you’ve been missed), Ed and I went for a walk and did some exploring. A couple of weeks ago I swore I saw a random picture of Finn somewhere near Cambie, and I wanted to go back to see if I could find it. And I did:


And then I found some more!

after we dance: bacon pancakes for everyone!

she’s ready for you, brad. isn’t it obvi?

who wants to play video games?

I don’t know who drew these, but they are AWESOME and I love them and I hope they stay up so they can be enjoyed by many! If you want to see them, they’re under the Cambie St. Bridge, next to the Olympic Village Skytrain Station.

All in all, it was a very picturesque Taco Night:

new murals under which to enjoy your tacos

i like taking upskirt pictures of bridges, okay? don’t judge me.

a romantic rowboat date on false creek after dark with no lights is dangerous and stupid, but makes for a pretty picture.

A+++. would Friday night again.