she thought she’d never see again, until she was given the gift of hope

I’m not used to accepting defeat when it comes to computers. I often make things happen even if all logic and documentation tell me otherwise, like that time I got XP running on a Vista-only machine or when I steamrolled my way through OSX 10.4 with no admin password. I’m good at tinkering. I eventually make things go.

Unfortunately, I seem to have stumbled upon something I can’t force my way around: using my old iMac as an external display via TDM. Even though everything I read said “this will not work”, I thought I could somehow convince it otherwise. After all, my computer wasn’t aware that it was missing the necessary ports and if I just told it to believe, surely things would work out in the end. Surely!

Oh but no. Regardless of how hard I wish and how much fairy dust I sprinkle on things, I absolutely cannot use my late-2009 21.5″ iMac in TDM. I can still use the Samsung monitor as a second display, so I won’t be stuck in 1993 .. but what to do with my old iMac? I don’t really need three Macs, but I won’t get much for it if I sell it. Apparently there are some not-great-but-adequate display solutions I can look into, or .. I can install Windows 7 on it, and use it as a real live gaming machine.

Suddenly, I am very excited about the possibilities and it’s all thanks to Catherine, who gave me the aforementioned Gift of Hope.

HOORAY! COMPU-TINKERING! Seriously, this excites me. I love going both ways!

*: by “see” I meant “see content on two monitors”. You’ve been Upworthy’d!

what’s my name

This is one of the few things that can completely paralyze me with indecision and a monumental fear of judgement:

if it's not FUNNY people will think LESSER of me

if it’s not FUNNY people will JUDGE ME

Nothing dries my creativity up faster than something needing to be named. I have paused in front of screens like this for more collective time than I ever dare admit; all for an inability to a) pick a name, b) come up with something suitably amusing, c) settle for the boring default. It’s a problem: you have no idea how long it took me to name my phone. If I were to ever be saddled with the naming of a live creature, it would likely turn 15 before I decided on what to call it (while second guessing this utterly inconsequential decision every step of the way).

I got a new computer last night: a 27″ iMac that is the size of a planet. I am hoping to use my old 21.5″ iMac as a second monitor via TDM (which will always mean team deathmatch to me but apparently also can stand for target display mode), but right now it is being a jealous bitch and refusing to Bluetooth properly. In between fighting with Leonidas (my old iMac; so named because our house is named Sparta only because I watched 300 the night before we moved in) and upgrading the OS on my new machine, I did what anyone would do in this ridiculous first world situation: I put tiny crows on the top of my old machine.

caw! no bluetooth for you! caw!

caw! no bluetooth for you! caw!

I need to stop rearranging my desk and get myself presentable: I need to go outside for a cable and also more Diet Coke and perhaps some Bluetooth that isn’t giving me ass marbles.