about last night

Until last night, I had no idea that a “riot act” was a real thing. I thought it was a figure of speech – you know, “my mom read me the riot act when I got home late last night” – but thanks to last night’s breakdown of society, I know otherwise. I do not feel good about this knowledge.

Let’s get something straight here: last night’s riot in Vancouver was NOT done by the fans; nor was it because we lost the game. The internet is full of people crowing that we take hockey so seriously that we’d destroy the city after a loss – the game had nothing to do with the riot. It was a group of drunken dick douches with too much testosterone, not enough brains, and more than likely an organized attempt to incite chaos; something that was gleefully picked up by those you see destroying property and looting. These people aren’t hockey fans, and they’re not Vancouverites – they’re opportunists. They’re cowards. They’re carpetbaggers; drunken hooligans and pathetic anarchists taking advantage of mob mentality.

And, thanks to social media and the childish need to brag, they’re all going to be caught.

Vancouver is not a city of rioters. We are not drunken idiots who destroy property, steal from others, brawl in the streets. Those who participated in last night’s riot do not represent the whole of the city, the true fans of the Canucks, or anything other than a small, disgusting sliver of society.

Real Vancouverites are proud of the Canucks, regardless of last night’s game. Real Vancouverites cheered on their team, congratulated Boston for their win, and went home. They’re outside right now, helping the city clean up yesterday’s mess. They’re identifying people caught on film so the police can track down and punish. Last night was NOT an example of Vancouver – what you see in the hours, days, weeks to come will be the true display of what our city can do.

Don’t blame the actions of a select few on the entire city. We love our home, and we’re doing what we can to help.

Also, sometimes real Vancouverites try to inject a little humour into a horrible situation (with LEGO):

hello kitty is looting an umbrella from london drugs

I am not ashamed to say I live in Vancouver because Vancouver did not riot last night. Brock Anton, Kiela Hunter, Billy Chickite, Jordy Dean, MJ Calinisan – whose Facebook Groups include Christianity, saying “I <3 Jesus :)”, Mandeep Dhaliwal, and so many more – THEY were the ones who rioted.

Get them.