he woke up screaming for 40 years

The committee unanimously agreed: Gornak had the best costume at this year’s convention.

congratulations! what a costume!

congratulations! what an outfit!

What the other convention-goers didn’t know, and what Detective Briggs would only acknowledge on his death bed some 40 years later, is that Gornak wasn’t wearing a costume that evening. He was simply hungry.

oh the legomanity!

oh the legomanity!

Some say Briggs never recovered from that case. They were right. Briggs was a changed man from that day on – wouldn’t you be, when faced with that much carnage? When none of the clues make sense? When the only possible explanation will get you laughed out of town?

no amount of lego therapy will fix this.

no amount of lego therapy will fix this.

The other convention-goers did not die well.

i wear the cheese

it does not wear me

Last week’s company BBQ left me with a container full of processed cheese in my fridge. This will likely be the only time I EVER have processed cheese in the house, so I had to take advantage of the situation.

Processed cheese stinks.

sneak peek

I figured if I whined, I’d get my way – but I didn’t whine hard enough, and as such I got only one of my whore coins in the mail today. I can’t quite open my brothel yet, but here’s a sneak peek of how it’ll go:

whore and coins not to scale

I plan to have a FULL SERVICE brothel – as you can see, my customers (whom I imagine will all be dapper pilots from WWI) can choose from an assortment of lovely concubines to relieve their filthy carnal urges: tennis players, hula girls, winking sailors, cyborgs, figure skaters, small men with large beards, cross-dressing musketeers, and a pantless Justin Bieber wearing lipstick and a lei. There are Frankensteins too, but those are security guards. Please do not attempt to have sex with the Frankensteins.

My brothel is gonna be SO AWESOME.

MY house

Three people work in the Culturedome, and two of them are on vacation. I’m the only one here until at least Tuesday, so clearly I needed to seize control of the territory:

welcome to the kimlidome

With the help of router egg cartons, our shipper and an idea I borrowed from Ser Elliott of House Davie, I have declared this workspace my kingdom to rule with a tiny iron fist. My banner is flying, and all who enter the Kimlidome are subject to my whims and fancy. Beware! I am a fickle but hilarious ruler!

my kingdom is kind of messy but we don't want for office supplies

It is fun inside my head.

it's ed, in lego form!