oh oh oh

You know a game is good when you get genuinely excited to see that it’s gone on sale, because then you get to encourage people to give it a try:


Devil’s Attorney

Genre: turn-based lawyer RPG
Price: Free/$0.99

I’ve recommended this game before – it made it on my “Best of 2012” list. Here’s what I said back in January: Devil’s Attorney was a complete surprise, and I loved it. You play Max, a sleazy lawyer who uses sneaky tactics of questionable legality to defend your clearly-guilty clients. Work your way to the top by taking out witnesses, evidence, and prosecuting attorneys by any means necessary. Add in great voice work, a wholly original idea, and the sleek dazzling veneer of the 1980s and you have a fantastic sleeper hit that deserves all the praise it’s been getting. Also: pimp hat. Can’t lose!

All of that is still true; more so now that the game is on sale. I highly recommend getting it for the device of your choice: you can play it while you wait for your Death Star inventory to restock.

I’m off to Victoria for the weekend, to visit my mother. While there, I’m going to attempt to convince her that she should buy a 330 sqft condo – this will go over about as well as you can imagine. Still, her basement suite is fucking awful, and I will keep trying to convince her to move already until she’s out of there.

I have hopes that the weather won’t be completely terrible while we’re there, so expect a lot of pictures of trees. I’m not taking a computer, but I still plan to post some updates .. I’ll give the apps a rest until Monday. Between the tiny Death Star, the sleazy lawyer, and the finger banging tutorial, your hands will be full (pun totally intended) over this long weekend as it is.

Does anyone know what I did with the key to my mother’s place?