and the livin’ is easy

If you did not have any fun on Saturday, it because we had it all. I am sorry.

I’ve always been deeply in love with the little Aquabus-style boats. I used to dream of getting married on one in the Victoria Inner Harbour, then sail off to sea in a tiny little boat for a lifetime of adventure. As this is impractical even for me, I’ve had to settle for the occasional day out on the water; pretending I’m a pirate in a small rainbow tug.

Yesterday I gathered up several of my closest chum-friends, and we bought all-day passes for the Aquabus. We met at Edgewater Casino (free parking in exchange for getting ID’d? SOLD), where we unsuccessfully casined before heading out on the water. It was a spectacular day to be enjoying False Creek, and I had a happy time playing tourist with a thousand cameras.

After we had sailed towards Granville Island and back again, things got a little less fun (as in it went from a 7 from a 9): we got a different boat driver; one who was obviously displeased that there were seven of us with the $15 day pass. He wanted us off his boat so he could fit other passengers on, and was so rude that we decided to hop off at Olympic Village and hopefully get a different boatman. We ultimately stopped for some food at Urban Fare, then walked along the False Creek path towards Spyglass Dock. It was a gorgeous day for walking times, and on our way we saw:

  • All the puppies in Vancouver
  • A baby duck desperately peeping for mama duck, who eventually figured out how to hop the board and join her baby in the creek
  • A RIVER OTTER! Never seen one before!
  • Justin while he was out walking the insanely adorable Monkey (who, incidentally, has me thinking about getting a French Bulldog over a Pug)
  • A polka dot piano, which Renée played while Shan sang

We hopped on another Aquabus for some water fun, but unfortunately ran into more grumpy employees: we were forced to get off the boat at Granville Island and wait in line to get back on again, even though our actual destination was where our original boat was going. Not at all cool, and put a second Aquabus-caused sour note on an otherwise amazing day. I was really disappointed, because my previous experiences with Aquabus had been awesome (and our first and last boat pilots were great) .. I had wanted to keep on sailing around, but we were all feeling pretty unwelcome at this point so we decided to call it a day. A glorious day, but still.

Today is very hot. I am sitting around in my underwear half-heartedly playing video games, but soon I will rinse yesterday off and brave the outdoors for a scooter ride. I want to take some evening photos and maybe wander the Chinatown Night Market when the sun goes down, and make the most of this long weekend and the long overdue return of the sunshine.

Also, plan more adventures. Enjoying myself in Vancouver is easing the overwhelming longing to be in London just a little bit, and I might get over the longing entirely if someone gives me enough money to live in Olympic Village. I’d even be a shill! Just sayin’.

this makes me happy.

ya know?

ya know?

trust no one

If you can’t trust a local blogger, who CAN you trust?

Scandal rocked two or three people in Vancouver last week, as news broke that the editor and main voice behind the Vancouver is Awesome blog isn’t just really really enthusiastic about living in Olympic Village, but rather gets paid to write about it (to the tune of almost $30,000 a year). 

The main issue and subsequent what the fuck lies with the lack of transparency. Bob (as VIA on Twitter, Instagram, and the blog) sings the praises of Olympic Village non-stop, to the point where it should have been obvious that he gets paid to gush like a prostitute with a specialty – but what Bob claims as his being “totally transparent” about the fact that his family is getting a suite deal (get it) on rent plus a salary in exchange for his extreme enthusiasm is anything but. There’s an unwritten (it may be written somewhere; I don’t have time to search the entire internet) “Blogger Code” that says those getting paid for their words or free goods/services in exchange for positive reviews put a disclaimer in their posts – hell, it’s such an issue that some are pushing for bloggers to be required to declare all freebies as income (I rue the day I have to pay taxes on those toothbrushes I got that one time). Bob’s version “totally transparent” comes in the form of a very vague mention that he partnered with the marketing company that pays him in May of last year, and nothing since then (except the constant glorification of the yuppie paradise that is Olympic Village to the tune of 58 write-ups to date). He took to Twitter when the story broke, and directed people to this one post as “proof” of his open disclosure multiple times.

I’m really disheartened by this. I, like many other people, thought Vancouver is Awesome was run by people who really love this city, and used the site as a resource to find cool going-ons. And yeah, I was taken in by the hype surrounding Olympic Village; overlooking the fact that the City of Vancouver had to borrow $460 million dollars to complete the project when things went south in a big way – it sounds like an awesome place to live. I suppose it still is, if you can afford it – the suite Bob’s family lives in rents for $2500/m, and retails for somewhere between $750K – $1.1M (so much for that “affordable social housing” Vancouver was supposed to get out of the Olympics).

The fact that I don’t really know how to explain WHY this story makes me feel many feelings is why I never really “made it” as a blogger. I could attribute my feels to jealousy, but I know that isn’t it – I don’t *want* to answer to anyone in exchange for things, so my distaste has nothing to do with that. I guess I just feel like a chump – thinking that Bob and Vancouver is Awesome was performing a service for this city because of a genuine love for all that Vancouver has to offer, instead of  just another marketing tool paid for a great review. It makes me feel dirty, and like no one can be trusted – the social media I’ve come to know and love, that delivers news within seconds of happening, that lets me know when taking the Lions Gate Bridge would be a terrible idea, that tells me when the McRib is back – like none of it is real. How do you know that I really love Diet Coke and that I’m not being paid to ingest dangerous amounts of it on a daily basis to try and fool you into being awesome like me? Well, you can trust me – but I’m just a nobody who writes words for fun, and apparently we’re a dying breed.

From the Vancouver is Awesome blog:

Vancouver Is Awesome, and we are dedicated to everything that makes it that way.

If you want to read ugly, bad news about this beautiful city of ours, you’re going to have to look to traditional media and other blogs; V.I.A. promotes everything that makes our city awesome, from old to new and everything inbetween. We’re like the human interest piece on the news… only different.

.. in that they can be bought.

Internet, I am disillusioned with you.

UPDATE: This morning, Bob’s 59th “Olympic Village was built on angel farts and baby smiles” post seems a little different than the previous 58:

It’s hard to believe it’s been more than ten months since we launched a campaign to share the experience of living in the Village on False Creek (Vancouver’s former Olympic Village). It seems like just yesterday I was pitching our friends at Rennie Marketing Systems on a creative way of showcasing the awesomeness of this place, in the spirit of similar projects like Live@YVR and 365 Days of Dining. My wife and I had been thinking of a move from our previous place in Mount Pleasant for months and on the weekends had been coming down to the Village to hang out. We fell in love with the neighbourhood even before we launched this sponsored series, and what makes the project so much fun for me is that it comes from a place of truly wanting to show off my neighbourhood – one of the bonuses is that I get to explore it for myself and find the gems. As I mentioned in our PRINT MAGAZINE, we’ll be staying here after our year-long project is up, as I believe Southeast False Creek is the most exciting neighbourhood in the city right now – and it’s the neighbourhood we call home. Other developments and businesses are opening up all around this little Village, and as you can tell from my previous 58 posts, it’s an incredible place to place raise a family.

(bolded emphasis mine)

That is more openness about the fact that Bob’s life is paid for by a marketing company than has ever appeared in that blog. Is he feeling the heat from the backlash over his “totally transparent” dealings that took everyone by surprise? It reads an awful lot of too little too late for me, but it’ll be interesting to see if future posts about the double-rainbow-glory that is Olympic Village will be as consistently forthcoming, or if this is all we’re going to get on the matter.