good news, everyone

Many weeks ago I alluded to some Big Changes coming at work; changes that would either make me sad and frustrated or happy-ish but faking competency. I am pleased to announce that the information embargo has kind of been lifted*, and I now know what my future holds: I will be happy, and I won’t have to bullshit my way through being a Project Manager to do so!

The backstory: a few months ago, a decision had been made by Those In Charge that would take most of the fun out of my job and make things extra tedious and confusing. Naturally I was unhappy about this, because I love fun and hate tedious – also, I am Good at Information and with the new format, I would not be allowed to be Good at Anything outside of reading and regurgitation. I started rocking the boat in sadness, and had asked anyone who would listen that should these changes come to fruition, I needed to be in a different role: one that would allow me to DO the things I am Good at. I felt that the changes would hold me back and punish my voracious need to know All the Things Ever, and this would make me miserable (and also be bad for the company: I’m smart! Use me!).

To my extreme surprise and joy, my plaintive mewling was heard and last week I was told The Plan: instead of moving me into Sales (scary) or making me a Project Manager (terrifying), I am being moved to a brand new team called Product Design, where my job would be to do all the fun, hands-on, thinky, scary, talky, creative stuff that I was worried I was going to lose. It’s a role that was both literally and figurative MADE for me, and I am so excited I could just squeak. HOORAY! It’s absolutely the most awesome outcome that could have happened; one so good it never even crossed my mind to ask about. I can’t wait to get started (the team officially starts on June 24th)!

Have I mentioned lately that I love what I do? And now, I get to love it even more. YAY! I am about this happy:

“yay!”, honked the goose, showing off his frightening teeth.

Also, my weekend was this good:


*: I asked for an updated job description, but was asked to wait until we actually get started so we can figure out what the whole proces is going to look like. I have a fairly good idea what I’ll be doing, so I’m not worried. Also, I get to invent a new title for myself. What should I be? I am currently a Technical Writer, which has no pizzaz whatsoever. I need a flashier title. Help me!