walking fashion disaster

I did the scariest thing on Friday: I picked out my own glasses.

Anyone who’s ever had to buy glasses goes through the untold horrors of finding new frames that don’t make you look like a serial killer or farm animal molester. Usually the best way to get around this is to bring people with you – people you trust; people who can tell you when you’re looking less chic and more deranged with every new frame you put on. Unfortunately for me, these people were unavailable for some reason on a Friday afternoon at 3:30 so I was left to my own misguided devices.

I ended up picking out two new frames and processing the order before I could get any kind of opinion on them at all. SCARY! I have terrible taste, remember? It’s the reason I often look like this or this and buy things that no sane person would ever find attractive in any way. I should be the last person on earth allowed to pick out her own glasses frames; I am just as likely to walk away with a pair of bright orange rhinestone cat eye frames as I am a pair of shiny purple Max Headroom glasses.

However, I actually did pretty good.

I was able to pick up the first of my new pairs that evening. They’re a green metallic DKNY frame that are as cute as hell and were met with approval from those around me. The second pair I won’t get until later next week; they’re being sent away for some fancy Transitions lenses and therefore take longer to make. The frames are Ray-Bans, meaning tighty whities and Bob Seger for everyone but also that I will be able to wear my sunglasses not only at night but whenever I damn well please. Hooray!

So, where are the pictures? Well, I haven’t taken any yet. Give me time to make myself presentable and I’ll put some up later. We went for a marathon scoot yesterday; out for about ten hours so today is a good day to clean and recover (yes, I fell down yesterday – shut up). It’s far too nice out to stay inside all day, so we shall see. I dig my new specs. They are super cute!

4 thoughts on “walking fashion disaster

  1. Y’know, Ms. Kimli, I’m getting kinda worried about all this downing. Not good. Plus, it makes me worry that it’s only a matter of time before I meet pavement all up-close and personal like. I do not like that idea.
    Are you ok?!
    Also: where are pictures of your glasses?! I NEED PICTURES, dammit!

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