once upon a time, i fell down

I have a sneaking suspicion I may have partially dislocated my left shoulder.

For the last little while, my left shoulder has been acting all funny – aching when I sleep funny, twinging most painfully when I stretch, clicking when I swing my arms in a jaunty way, doing this terrifying thing where it feels like it’s going to pop out of the socket and say howdy do – basically, doing all the things I would expect from a previously dislocated shoulder. However, it was my right shoulder that met the ground in such a tragic way last April – while I know I’m sometimes flighty and can’t tell the difference between a cupboard and a closet, it seems pretty unlikely that my body would forget what side is the injured one and make things go hurty in the wrong place. My right shoulder has been doing the same thing, albeit less severely. In fact, it feels almost like I have TWO dislocated shoulders; one more recently displaced than the other – but that doesn’t make any sense, I haven’t fallen off anythin –

Oh, shit.

I DID fall off Oscar a little while ago, and I landed rather spectacularly on my left side. I remember it hurting all over and my knee being a disgusting mess (again), but also that I was more worried that a) I hadn’t ripped my jeans while falling because they were new, and b) I hadn’t damaged my camera, as it was hanging around my neck and hit the ground when I fell. It’s entirely possible that I managed to injure my shoulder during this trip down – I was awfully stiff and sore afterwards, but I just attributed this to having been on a scooter all day and also falling off and landing hard. Could this be why I’m having left shoulder trouble? Does it explain away the extremely alarming incident of a few minutes ago wherein my shoulder started cramping for no reason and it felt like someone jammed a soldering gun into it? So wacky!

I’m really glad there were witnesses to that fall, because it’s really starting to trip me out. For starters, I fell on my LEFT side. I never, ever fall on my left! Perhaps even more alarming than that is this next eerie spine-tingling fact: I didn’t write about the incident at all.

I went through the last 5 months of posts, and I can’t find any reference to the fall. I know it happened – Ed, Josh and Shan were all there – but why on earth didn’t I update about it? I update about EVERYTHING! It’s unfathomable to me that I wouldn’t write about falling down yet again – unless that’s the very reason why I didn’t. Was I embarrassed to have fallen again? I probably should be by now, but it seems highly out of character for me not to have verbally chastised myself for the whole internet to see. Did other epic things happen that weekend that would have made the fall not newsworthy? It’s possible, except I don’t recall what else we did that weekend and if I can’t find it in my archives, then it obviously didn’t happen. I am so confused. Also, true to my nature, I am more worried about the fact that I can’t find any sort of record of my fall rather than be worried about these weird electric-shock type of shoulder jolts I’m experiencing.


Edit: AHA! I FOUND IT! I remembered that we scooted *everywhere* that day, including to Iona Beach and did some plane-watching. I looked up the dates on the pictures I posted to Flickr, then went to the corresponding entries for that time period and I found this:

We went for a marathon scoot yesterday; out for about ten hours so today is a good day to clean and recover (yes, I fell down yesterday – shut up).

So I DID write about it, in passing. I feel so much better now – you wouldn’t believe how much this was bothering me.

As you were, then.

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