danger potato

Being by myself all day is hazardous. I just had a near death encounter with a potato when I discovered that I cannot breathe potatoes, much to my dismay. It’s dangerous to leave me to my own devices for upwards of 10 hours a day; I am just that clumsy.

The potato wasn’t even all that good. I nearly died for nothing! What a waste.

Near Death by Carbohydrate aside, I’ve been busy. I gave some thought to the whole video game obsession, and started a new section on my site in which I wax more poetry about the games I’m playing. It’s up there under the picture (which is new, lookit) in a section wittily called “Game Reviews”. If you’re really bored, check it out. There are many, many words in there because I do not believe in being brief or wearing briefs or carrying briefcases. I did add some handy shortcuts for ease of navigation; each game title links to the review on IGN.com (and not ING.com because I don’t think the friendly British Dutch man who wants to save you money would have a lot to say about video games), and best of all you get to see me licking a Japanese copy of Me and My Katamari. What’s not to love? Nothing, that’s what.

Seriously though, if you manage to make it through the page please let me know what you think – not even Ed had the patience to sit through it all, and he claims to love me.

I am 4 hours into The Phantom Zelda, and it is a hoot.

Yesterday I stood outside in the rain to wait for UPS. While I was out there I took some pictures that I think turned out pretty cool. I know any hack with a camera can take macro shots of stuff and garden pictures are boring and scream of rank amateurism, but I really like how these came out. So there.

Back to abusing my resources, then.

2 thoughts on “danger potato

  1. That is a nasturtium leaf. You can eat the leaf, stem and flower, and the buds can be pickled and used in place of capers. The whole thing is really quite delicious.

  2. The Friendly British Man is actually a Friendly Dutch Man. His accent is the same as Paul’s Dad :) Also, the Dutch have an affinity for orange. They are a weird culture.

    Also, “Danger Potato” is quite possibly the best blog post title, ever.

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