oh what the hell

I’ve gone and lost my wallet.

Unfortunately, this isn’t a simple issue of a misplaced item and a forgetful Kimli; I really did go and lose my wallet. Near as I can figure, it fell out of my bag between the Delica and Heritage Hall (about 1/4 of a block) around 10am. I don’t know how long it sat on the ground before someone picked it up, but whoever has it called Visa last night and said “hey, I have this card from this wallet I found”. Visa told them to drop the wallet off at a police station, then called Ed to let him know. I had no idea my wallet was missing – Ed called me at 6 and asked me to look for my wallet. Yep, gone. No wallet.

I’ve never lost my wallet before. I’m choked about it, because it is a huge hassle. I had just taken out $60, it’s my favourite wallet, and probably worst of all – my prescription for crazy pills was in there, as I had planned on filling it today. I am grateful that whoever found my wallet called Visa, and I really really hope they take it to a police station as asked. I actually have no idea how I would go about recovering it, though. I’m not in the phone book, I don’t have a (very big) criminal record, and most complicated of all – I don’t have a home phone number. Googling the name on my driver’s license gets you nowhere, and although my Delicious Juice business cards are in my wallet, you’d have to dig to find them. If my wallet DOES show up at the police station, how would they find me short of coming to my house?

This sucks. What do I do now?

10 thoughts on “oh what the hell

    • I just called them, and there’s no info – the caller wouldn’t leave a name or location. I tried calling the Vancouver Police Lost and Found number, but they only work Monday to Friday. Guess I’ll have to wait until tomorrow to find out more, which is the worst part because I do not wait very well!

  1. this happened to me a week after I moved to vancouver, and i had all of my US immigration stuff in there, too. the wallet was never recovered. bummer! this is what i did:

    call up your credit card companies and get them to put a watch on your account for any suspicious activity. also get them to change your card #’s.

    call your bank and make sure they do the same thing.

    if you have a library card or anything connected to the gov’t, let them know what happened so they can change your account info. this includes your SIN which can be used to open up new credit card applications.

    get your credit reports sent to you immediately, and then on a regular basis for the next 2 years: equifax, trans union, and experian are the big 3 you have to get in contact with. they will be able to tell you if anyone has opened any new accounts, or taken any loans in your name.

  2. Conceivably your wallet contains the all-important Drivers license…

    Although DeeAy169@yahoo.com may mean sh*t to a beat cop, your BC Driver’s license is the best shot you have at it finding its way home.

    Best of luck!

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