inform the men

Kif, I have made it with a woman another bag. Inform the men!

i did not make the robot.

It’s a slightly modified version of the Osoberry Bag, by Katie of Foxflat – I made the bag two inches less wide than the pattern calls for, made two pockets out of the one giant inner pocket, then added snaps to the outer pockets and a fabric-covered button with an elastic loop for closure.

i love pinstripes so hard.

I actually own the cookbook that inspired Katie’s hand-drawn recipe for the bag – I bought it at a used bookstore a million years ago because I liked the drawings. I’ve never made anything from it, because I am not one of those whale-kissing Dukakis-hugging moon maidens. Or, for that matter, a vegan – I just like neat books.

the bag folds over and inside is FANCY TIMES

The inside of the bag is lined with this ridiculously pretty satin stuff I found on Thursday night, and the outside is a grey pinstriped suit material. I wanted to make a bag similar to one I bought at the first Got Craft from Smeeta – I still use it from time to time, but I’m slightly paranoid when I do because it has no closure and my things have fallen out before. So, I made my own now that I am a MASTER SEWIST and all.


In total, I think I spent around 6 hours on the bag. I started last night around 7 but had to stop just after ten due to the noise I was making, then finished up this morning. Not bad for a weekend project, and it makes me feel a lot better about my newfound sewing skills after the disastrous skirt on Thursday. I MIGHT start Skirt 2.0 tonight, if I’m feeling brave .. but right now, I am going to eat a food and admire my work.


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