On Thursday night I was feeling especially ambitious, so I tried to make a skirt. I failed rather spectacularly for a number of reasons; the biggest of them being math: I added extra numbers onto the end of a calculation, which made me a skirt that could have fit four of me. I tried to fix it by making an elastic waistband, but I a) bought the wrong kind and wrong width of elastic, b) went the opposite direction in terms of numbers and cut too many OFF, and c) hadn’t made the skirt long enough to accommodate a folded waistband. I got extremely creative at this point and MADE a casing by sewing a band of scrap all along the top – it would have worked and been wearable (as long as there was no wind and I wore a shirt long enough to hide my messy fixes), if not for problems A and B above. End result: I have a skirt, but it is both too short and too small and none too straight, either. Disappointing, but I will soldier onward – the material can be salvaged for POCKETS, and I’m trying to try the skirt again tonight but maybe this time pay more attention to my numbers.

I still have an issue with length due to the width of the fabric, so I’ve been rummaging through the clothes in the donation pile. I don’t have suitable fabric for a lining and the material is too sheer to wear on its own, so I think I’m going to attempt some sort of base layer out of an upcycled dress. It can’t hurt, right? I tend to look kind of weird most of the time anyway, so no one will bat an eye if I show up in public with wonky hems and scotch-taped seams. I WILL conquer the art of making clothing – I spent a zillion dollars on awesome fabric this week, and I want to make wondrous things out of it all (and I kind of have to, since I’m officially Not Allowed (self-imposed) to buy any more fabric until I use up what I have). CRAFTING! IT IS FUN even though it fucking kills my shoulder!

Sewing is for night times, though. This gorgeous sunny Saturday afternoon calls for a scooter ride!


2 thoughts on “oops.

  1. Okay, I PROMISE we will sew together soon. Legs was up a good chunk of the night sick, but once she’s on the mend, we’ll whip you up a skirt! I have a skirt pattern, AND I am going to pattern a skirt. We’ll make something that fits you and is fabulous!

  2. If you need any help, my grandfather was a dressmaker, my dad was a fashion designer I sew like a motherfucker. I could teach you anything you need to know. I also make it easy for people. It is my heritage.

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