put the kettle on

Put on some tea and grease up the Queen; I’m coming back.


Vacation time has been approved, flights have been booked, and a VRBO rented for two weeks: we’re going to London. This September is our Ten Slash Fifteen (!?!?); married for 10 and together for 15. Those are nice round numbers, so we’re going to take the last of my severance and go on a crazy London adventure. I can’t wait – I loved London when I was there with Heather and Renee, but our trip was so short. Ed’s never been, and I’m hopping around with anticipation (and a full bladder) at the thought of exploring with him and having enough time to do things thoroughly. I was drooling at these awesome pictures of London at night when I realized that we were so busy trying to cram everything into four days that we wore ourselves out – we didn’t DO London at night, at all. This time? There will be SO MUCH NIGHT.

I am so, so excited. Is it September yet?

LONDON! And maybe Ireland this time!


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