I’m not sure how I did it, but I exploded the garbage can I keep next to my Girl Station in the bedroom. I threw it out last time I was cleaning, but I haven’t replaced it yet. As a result, my side of the room is covered in crumpled tissue paper because I’ve been liberally tossing them on the floor instead of getting a temporary garbage receptacle. The room looks like it belongs to a teenage boy with gender issues – dirty clothes, make up, video games and used Kleenex everywhere. A normal person would be embarrassed – me, I’m just amused. Jizz mops everywhere!

Last night’s Tegan and Sara show was *awesome*. I can’t believe I’ve never seen them live before; it was so much fun. They sounded amazing and are cute as all hell. They played first, and in a bizarre twist, the show started at exactly 8pm – apparently the Olympic committee is big on timely shows. It wasn’t a true concert in the usual sense, it was more like a performance but it was great just the same. Broken Social Scene took the stage second, but after the first couple songs we left – I’d never heard them before and was there just for T&S. BSS were okay, but not really my thing. 5 of us hung out in the lobby of the Orpheum for a while like high class hooligans, then we grabbed Reilly and walked down Granville Streeet (an adventure unto itself) to meet up with Tanya and company at the Two Parrots. We headed home around midnight after another fun Friday evening – one in which I did not cut any bitches.

I slept for approximately one million years, so it’s now 2pm and I’m barely showered and awake. Operation: Donate Blood was postponed because they have too much blood at the moment, so I’m going to spend my afternoon running exciting errands: getting MORE cat medication, buying a garbage can, containing my various rages. All in a day’s work, right?

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