death by fabio

Few things sour my Monday morning mood faster than being run off the road.

I chose to ignore the ominous dusting of snow on the hills behind my house this morning and instead focused on the positive – the shiny yellow sunshine highlighting the shoes dangling from the trees across the street. My ride in was brisk, but I’ve been colder. In fact, it was largely uneventful if I completely ignore the fact that Fabio tried to kill me in a Range Rover.

He was on his cell phone – naturally – when he thought it would be an awesome idea to change lanes right into me. I braked hard to avoid the collision and zipped around him on the left, laying on my horn the whole time. I stopped at his window – he rolled it down, and apologized in a thick Italian accent. The accent combined with the smile were probably really quite charming, except I really fucking hate it when people don’t pay attention to the road and almost take me out. I was too pissed to let loose my usual barrage of insults and random swearing, so I just shook my head in disgust and went on my way.

Something about a shiny new day seems to make people kind of stupid. I was also cut off at the entrance to the bridge by an asshat in a Civic, but it wasn’t nearly as close as the Incident with Fabio. I was in a fairly good mood before the idiocy, but I got grumpy pretty quickly. I need to shake this bad mood; it’s too nice outside to dwell on rich assholes and their giant cars and stupid cell phones.

So, what should I wear to my COURT DATE on Wednesday?

2 thoughts on “death by fabio

  1. Hey. This is Jenn, friend of Shan and Josh who is not quite yet a lawyer, and I don’t think I have a commented on your court situation yet. Anyway, 1) dress for court like it you’d dress for a job interview and 2) from what I have read on here, none of the issues you have with your ticket are of any legal significance. However, the prosecutors don’t have time to run trials on every person who doesn’t want to pay her ticket; they need to get a good percentage of the people who want to fight, to go away quickly. Go early, find the Crown prosecutor who is doing traffic tickets that day, be pleasant and polite, explain your circumstances, and ask if there is anything they can do. He or she will probably offer to let you pay half the fine or something like that and that’s probably the best you can hope for. The judges who hear traffic ticket cases are usually pretty cranky, they’ve heard every excuse imaginable before and they will not think you are special.

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