lentier than thou

My Hello Kitty calendar tells me today is Ash Wednesday, and the first day of Lent. I am not religious, but I am intrigued that people give up things in an effort to appease their god for transgressions committed in the previous year.

The traditional definition of Lent and repentance, according to the internet, is an admission of guilt, promises not to do it again, and restitution for whatever sins were committed. I can understand the whole “oh man I did something really bad and I swear I will never ever do it again and I will totally pay for the damages I caused when I got it into my head that naked bull riding was totally acceptable in the coffee shop down the street” angle, but I am confused as to where the “I will give up chocolate for 40 days” comes into it. Are you going without something you enjoy to prove you love god? Is it a guilt thing – you’re punishing yourself to make up for your life of filthy degrading sin? Help a heathen out – what’s the deal with Lent?

I know I am not “required” to observe Lent given that I am a godless barbarian, but my Lentils (that’s what you call the things you give up for Lent, right?) are coincidentally the very same things I pledged to change for a healthier lifestyle and also some free stuff:

  1. Quit smoking
  2. Quit drinking
  3. Cut back on bacon milkshakes

.. I am so going to rock at Lent. Lenting is fun!

I smell phantom soup. My Canadian Heritage Moment has progressed from breakfast to lunch.

3 thoughts on “lentier than thou

  1. You never cease to make me laugh, which was something I needed today. I don’t get the whole “lent” thing either. I guess that makes me a heathen as well…lol…

  2. I got the obligatory call from my grandfather today asking me what I was giving up. He was not amused when I responded “Catholicism”. Maybe messing with the relative who is also a clergy member was a bad call… one can never tell with these things. I’ve been a practicing polytheist for the past 8 years. Really gramps,let it go!
    mmmm Bacon milkshakes! You are a stronger woman than I Ms. Kimli Wangzilla.

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