game on and on and on and on

I updated my Nintendo DS page (added a bunch of games, ranked several others, numbered the list so I could be properly horrified), then updated my Currently Playing list. I was a bit startled to note that the last time I updated the page was March 1st – exactly one year ago. I’ve played dozens of games since then, but got a little lazy with the sharing. While I am confident that you a) do not care and b) forgive me, I will still endeavour to make it up to you.

I think I’m going to have to turf the “Recently Finished” section, though. While I’m sort of sticking with my self-imposed video game diet, I finish WAY too many games to review each one. If anyone is really curious about what I think of a particular title, just ask me and I’ll wax some poetry in your general direction.

Now I’m off to return some shirts I bought that are not low cut enough for my liking (seriously), and do some groceries. I know – my life is enviable.

2 thoughts on “game on and on and on and on

  1. Actually, I DO care (I like alot of the same games as you, so you’re a more reliable review than say gamespot or something)… but I still forgive you. :-)

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